Wireless iPhone puppet with interactive Swarovski

Again time for and R&D project from the past. The start of the very first Apple iPhone in 2007 was a great hype. Everybody was overwhelmed by this new emotional interface and consumer product. For the first time the cell phone was less thought a mobile communications handset and more a pocket computer. This revolution opened the way for almost unlimited mobile communication applications we know today. We have been always fascinated by the new and more emotional approach of Apple nevertheless we always missed multi sensual emotion like touch and feel. And so our little puppet UrbanMcHugly was created. The little puppet is a cuddle toy made for the new iPhone with an integrated handsfree set and interactive Swarovki crystals than can glow and blink according to emotions, caller identities or spoken words. URBAN TOOL´s mascot Mr. Urban as a glittering and interactive R&D product.

Urban0 Urban1 Urban2 Urban3 Urban4 Urban5