Best bags for the beach

Tablet shoulder bag holster function URBAN TOOL® slycase bag

caseBelt caseBelt_filled

All essentials like phone, money and keys in a slim and comfortable belt bag. Fits up to iPhone 6 plus, available in various colors.

gymBag gymBag_filled

Life is easy when you are on vacation! A draw-string bag is all you need. Nice, stylish and made of organic cotton with zippered pocket for smaller things like phone or money. Various colors available

slyCase slyCase_filled

The perfect allrounder-bag slyCase is always an good companion for beach travels. No matter if you take a drink at the bar or simply need to protect your devices from sand – this bag is ideal. Padded compartments grant extra protection.

travelBackpack travelBackpack_inside

Our travel backPack is a perfect sizes backpack for your day-to-day stuff during travel. Enough space even for beach towel, swimm suit and glasses. With extra compartments for water bottles.

travelkit travelkit_inside

Simply the perfect kit for travels! This belt pouch fits all phones up to iPhone 6 plus and offers additional slots for documnets, money and more. Wearable on belt loops, made of durable nylon.  Get the travelKit here.
travelPurse travelPurse_inside

What purse to choose for your  travel? Not an easy question. Our travelPurse is small, super light weighted, wearable like a purse or like a fanny pack and available in many colors. The perfect girls travel purse!