Amazing flat waist pack for iPhone 7

belt bag for phone, keys, money, running gear URBAN TOOL ® caseBelt

Flat as a belt but roomy and comfortable as a waist pack the URBAN TOOL caseBelt is our stylish flat waist bag with 4 pockets. The design pockets with overlapping closure guarantee quick access and secure storage of all daily indispensables like phone, wallet or keys. The pockets fit 5-6´´ gadgets like the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, a zippered pocket on the back side secures documents, passport or money. The simple but smart pocket closing mechanism can be operated with one hand, the soft materials grant scratch protection and pick-pockets will have a very hard job to get access. The waist pack has also a key pocket with retractable key yo-yo for extra convenience and safety. The stylish bag can be worn around the waist, even flat under your tee, shirt or pullover. But the waist bag is not only a waist bag with extended strap it can be also worn across shoulders.
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Get the URBAN TOOL caseBelt, EUR for 49,90 / USD 59,90 here