Vinjabond reviewing travelKit EDC belt pouch


The supreme convenience and functionality of a fanny pack with the added benefit of not being one and looking damn good while doing it. VINJABOND: “The creative minds at URBAN TOOL have a tendency to solve problems of everyday carry that I didn’t know was a problem until they’ve already solved it. Case in point […]

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Don´t be a tourist be a traveller!

travel bags

URBAN TOOL bags & holsters are designed to wear your essentials stylish, safe and with guaranteed hands-free during travel. They offer plenty of space for your gadgets, wallet, keys, passport, documents and more. Sunglasses should not be missed when going on travel! But also these can be stored clearly arranged as part of your travel […]

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Summer Coffee Flair

phone holster business

Arnold is wearing the URBAN TOOL businessHolster, an ergonomic shoulder holster for your EDC.   Dani is wearing the URBAN TOOL hipHolster, one of our all time favorites.   Dani and the URBAN TOOL travel backPack, a super light weigth every day fellow.   Arnold is wearing the URBAN TOOL waistHolster, perfect for 6´´ phones and all essentails.   Arnold and the […]

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Best bags to survive summer heat!

Running belt fanny pack with bootle holder

Surviving the summer requires a lot of extra liquid intake but carrying a water bottle can be annoying. We show you our best bag to store up to 2 L bottled water convenient and ready at hand. crossHolster: This waits holster is perfectly designed to store a bottle up to 0,75L (25oz) during sport, travel […]

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Walk of fame – our best black bags!

pocketBar The URBAN TOOL pocketBar is the most innovative and functional tablet bag on the market. Light weighted and with ergonomic cut you can change the bag in almost no time from a shoulder bag into a waist bag. The tablet compartment is padded and weather proof, a zip ensures quick access. Front and back […]

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Bike, boys & iPhones

“Riding is freedom” but what to do with your iPhones, Samsung, Tablets and other digital stuff? URBAN TOOL is continuously working on practicable solutions fitting different lifestyles and needs. Handy, ergonomic, perfect to wear, functional and stylish – we have selected the cowboyHolster and the backPack as rinding-proof coz it is not about the destination […]

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Bicycle gears

Back on the road after winter bicyclists are looking for the coolest gears. At the “FixDich” bicycle store next to the URBAN TOOL Headquarters at the Reindorfgasse in Vienna you find great and cool gears and can complete your equipment with URBAN TOOL bags and holsters just next door. caseHolster: practical waist holster for 7 […]

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Best bags for urban cyclists

BEST BAGS FOR URBAN CYCLISTS! Back to spring means back to life for all urban cyclists! There is nothing better than feeling the freedom and new energy of owning your city again after a long and cold winter. No matter if you are heading to the office, to the gym or just to meet some […]

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Backpack the ultimate flashpacking bag!

Stylish urban modular laptop backpack URBAN TOOL ® backpack

Simply but aptly named the “backpack“, this is URBAN TOOL’s first backpack and also their most traditional type of bag in their famously progressive line. But the attention to detail, primo craftsmanship and their modernistic style remains intact. When it comes to unique and creative ways to carry everyday gear, URBAN TOOL is one of […]

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Travel bags

When it comes to travel bags can never be enough functional, light-weighted and ergonomic to wear. The more electronics and gadgets we need to take along the more serious are these questions. And we take more and more gadgets along with us even when going on vacation. We have selected a range of functional and useful […]

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