What´s in my suitcase?

what is in my suitcase

✓ URBAN TOOL slotBar in color black, 49,90 EUR ✓ URBAN TOOL travelKit in color grey, 39,90 EUR ✓ favourite book <3 ✓ my polaroid camera for party fun ✓ my iPad ✓ sunglasses ✓ URBAN TOOL travel backPack for my city trips, 79,90 EUR ✓ my flip flops ——————————————————————————————————————– ✓ URBAN TOOL caseBelt in color grey, 49,90 EUR ✓ my straw hat ✓ towels & […]

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5 best travel gear

best travel gear and quotes

Wearing is better than carrying – this becomes even more important on travel when you want your gadgets safe and nothing else than enjoying life and freedom. We present our 5 best travel gear – functional, smart, handy and stylish. Adventure is calling! From top to bottom: URBAN TOOL travel legHolster URBAN TOOL travelKit URBAN […]

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Best bags to survive summer heat!

Running belt fanny pack with bootle holder

Surviving the summer requires a lot of extra liquid intake but carrying a water bottle can be annoying. We show you our best bag to store up to 2 L bottled water convenient and ready at hand. crossHolster: This waits holster is perfectly designed to store a bottle up to 0,75L (25oz) during sport, travel […]

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New out – black travel gear

Smartphone and tablet holster waist bag URBAN TOOL ® travel legholster

New out cool and functional travel gears from URBAN TOOL. Perfectly designed to support a vagabond lifestyle the new travel legHolster, travelKit, travelPurse and travel backPack will follow your dreams. Check out this new collection of functional bags and holsters for travelers and every day nomads, ready to store iPhone 6 plus, tablets, daily essentials, […]

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Vinjabond reviewing businessholster tablet

VINJABOND: It’s a contradicting time of technology and convenience we live in. We have smartphones and tablets that can effectively replace dozens of other gadgets and tools, freeing our pockets and bags of weight and space. But with this ability to do more without carrying more, we end up carrying more things than ever before, […]

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Best travel bags 2015

Travel bags for your personal belongings need to be light weight, super functional, safe, roomy but not bulky, robust and very practical. Ah yes… and they need to be suitable for different travels like backpacking, city travel, beach holidays, adventure travels and many more and last but not least they should look cool and store […]

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Wanderlust bags

Wanderlust: a strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world. Spring is the perfect season to switch on travel mood, with these 2 bags you will have the perfect companion for long and short travels. A perfect travel companion is this small light weight shoulder bag “slotBar“. Perfectly designed to assist your journeys with all […]

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Best bags for urban cyclists

BEST BAGS FOR URBAN CYCLISTS! Back to spring means back to life for all urban cyclists! There is nothing better than feeling the freedom and new energy of owning your city again after a long and cold winter. No matter if you are heading to the office, to the gym or just to meet some […]

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Survival gears – best bags for winter nomads

Finest selection of URBAN TOOL bestseller bags perfectly made to fit all gadgets and to survive a winterly outdoor season. URBAN TOOL bags and holsters have great designs superb functions and unique styles. Perfectly made to fit iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus – gear up and be prepared! All bags and holsters available online: www.urbantool.com

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Backpack the ultimate flashpacking bag!

Stylish urban modular laptop backpack URBAN TOOL ® backpack

Simply but aptly named the “backpack“, this is URBAN TOOL’s first backpack and also their most traditional type of bag in their famously progressive line. But the attention to detail, primo craftsmanship and their modernistic style remains intact. When it comes to unique and creative ways to carry everyday gear, URBAN TOOL is one of […]

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