Best URBAN TOOL bags for Crossfitters


Crossfitters spend half of their free time at the box (Box = Crossfit studio) so they need bags to take all their stuff along. This time we want to introduce 2 nice and roomy bags best made for crossfitters but also for other gym addicts. gymBag Made of organic cotton the gymBag is a light […]

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All out, all game, all season – UT for beach volleyballer


About 250 beach volleyball courts at the Italian Adria Riccione attract crowds of enthusiastic beach volleyball players during the week after Easter. Tarek, member of BEACH VOLLEY VIENNA and URBAN TOOL fan has been on site as trainer and beach volleyball player at the 19th Beachline Festival. “Before starting the morning sessions I took the […]

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Size does not matter – best holsters for iPhone 6


URBAN TOOL holsters have a unique design and function: they fit almost all gadget sizes. The clever pocket design and the high quality material allow enormous extension of the material and enlargement of the pockets. Often we are contacted by customers asking if this or that model of phone will fit the pocket of a […]

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Living in such a beautiful country like Austria is a privilege. Just close to our home town Vienna, btw the #1 city to live according to the magazine Forbes, you find beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes and almost virgin nature. No need for long distance travels the beauty is just around the corner. Back to nature best […]

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Back to our roots – ISPO brand new award


Since our start URBAN TOOL has a special relationship with the ISPO fair and ISPO brand new award in Munich Germany. The innovative and inspiring start-up competition “Brand New Award” at the world’s biggest sports fair was the starting point for URBAN TOOL in 2004 when we won the award in the category Sports Accessories. Since […]

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Best bags to survive summer heat!

Running belt fanny pack with bootle holder

Surviving the summer requires a lot of extra liquid intake but carrying a water bottle can be annoying. We show you our best bag to store up to 2 L bottled water convenient and ready at hand. crossHolster: This waits holster is perfectly designed to store a bottle up to 0,75L (25oz) during sport, travel […]

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Must-have bicycling bags & holsters

URBAN TOOL best bicycling bags and holsters to ensure all your valuables are safe and protected. Waist and shoulder holsters cool looking and with perfect fit. They are washable, adjustable and have countless features like leg straps, key-yoyos, carabiners, reflectors or adaptable pockets. Buy them @ Ahhh and yes, we ship worldwide!

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Best sports gear for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

sportHolster The sportHolster is our awarded bestseller and perfectly designed to support your fitness. It stores all essentials like iPhones, keys, some money, personal belongings safe and secure. Ergonomic cut ensure perfect fit, elastic pockets close safe and adopt to any content. Fits iPhone 6 plus, machine washable, reflective patches, key yo-yo. crossHolster More space […]

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Bicycle gears

Back on the road after winter bicyclists are looking for the coolest gears. At the “FixDich” bicycle store next to the URBAN TOOL Headquarters at the Reindorfgasse in Vienna you find great and cool gears and can complete your equipment with URBAN TOOL bags and holsters just next door. caseHolster: practical waist holster for 7 […]

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Best bags for urban cyclists

BEST BAGS FOR URBAN CYCLISTS! Back to spring means back to life for all urban cyclists! There is nothing better than feeling the freedom and new energy of owning your city again after a long and cold winter. No matter if you are heading to the office, to the gym or just to meet some […]

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Wearing your bags is better than carrying

vinjabond sportholster running vest holster survival

John Cain, Vinjabond: Bags, duffles, purses, totes and even backpacks are designed to be carried, a property responsibility and physical impediment. You can’t always help the amount of things you need to carry but if at all possible, wearing is better than carrying. The longer or more demanding the activity, the more these “bags” will hold […]

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